Baltimore County’s 10-Year-Plan to End Homelessness

Homelessness is an issue that Baltimore County has faced for years.  However, it is in recent years that the problem has grown significantly.

County shelters are over-run by residents stuck in a vicious cycle, constantly trying to find permanent housing.  While other shelters are so horrible, residents would rather live in their cars or on the street.

The county plans to make homelessness a thing of the past within the next 10 years.  If successful, people will no longer have to resort to making a living begging on street corners and work toward a meaningful life.

Baltimore County Works to End Homelessness

Ron Livingston begs for money

Homelessness in Baltimore County has increased in recent years.  Which is why the county has begun to take measures to eliminate homelessness within the next 10 years.  Read more>>

Baltimore County’s Progress in Its First Year

Eastern Family Resource Center signThe homeless and shelter employees alike are all eagerly anticipating results in Baltimore County’s plan to end homelessness.  Read more>>

Creating a Life Out of Nothing

Diana Brooks sits in her living room in the middle of the woodsDiana Brooks has experienced living in the shelters in Baltimore County and has preferred to move out and live on the streets.  Starting with practically nothing, she is slowly starting to build a new life.  Read more>>


Location of Homeless as of January 21, 2011

Location of shelters in Baltimore CountyDuring Baltimore County’s annual Point-in-Time survey, a type of homeless census, 881 homeless individuals were found.  Browse their locations in an easy to follow map.  Read More>>

Condition of Nehemiah House
Jimmy Botch talks about his stay homeless sheltersJimmy Botch is homeless in Baltimore County.  He has lived in the Nehemiah House, the only shelter in eastern Baltimore County for men.  Hear his opinion of the shelter.  Read More>>

Making Money by “Flying a Sign”
Diana Brooks talks about "Flying the sign"Diana Brooks is homeless living in Baltimore County.  She makes her main income panhandling on a street corner, or as she calls it, “Flying the sign.”  Read More>>

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